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Well, maybe it’s not all that dramatic. But, there is a big change coming. The Pirate has taken a job in the Lone Star State. We found out 2 days ago that in 3 weeks he needs to be moved in and reporting to work.

Since I learned of his new opportunity three things keep going through my mind; 1. George Straight’s Amarillo By Morning and 2. I’m so happy that he found a job and 3. I’m really sad.

I’m happy that after years of looking for work and hoping for the feeling of usefulness that he used to have to return, he will have the security of a regular paycheck and health insurance. (The insurance is a BIG deal as he is not as healthy as he once was.) At the same time, I’m so sad. I liked him being close to us, both physically and emotionally. I like him being close to the Princess. I like knowing that I can get to him if something happens.

My feelings of sadness are completely selfish. I do wish him well. And, I know that we are closer now than we were when he lived in California for all of those years. So, I feel like it will be different.

Also selfishly, I just lost my storage place. I was keeping lots of stuff at the house of the Pirate. And, now it all needs a home…

But, mostly, I’m just going to miss my dad.

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