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My friends are amazing. I’m lucky that I have a close circle of friends that is loyal and dedicated. I’m grateful to know that I can call upon them for anything at anytime and they will deliver. My brother is not as lucky.

He used to be. He had a friend that he spent all of his free time with. They have been on vacations together. They had permanent weekend plans. They shared similar

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interests. We even saw him at holidays. Then, they had a falling out. It makes me as sad as it has made my little brother.

I should disclose that my brother is gay. His friend is also gay. They are not boyfriends. Which makes it so hard to understand why the falling out happened over my brother looking for an intimate relationship. It may have taken some time away from his best friend, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of relationship that the friend wanted in the first place. They had considered it. It wasn’t going to work. They moved on appropriately.

So, this falling out came at a bad time for my brother. Many, many things in his life are uncertain and in flux. He needs friends right now more than ever. To see Randy* walk away from my brother was devastating to me. My friends would have stayed. My friends would have made sure that I felt supported and comfortable during the time of transition. They wouldn’t have been jealous or threatened about my time being spent elsewhere.

Maybe the difference is in heterosexual relationships as opposed to homosexual relationships, but I don’t want to believe that. I think that true friends are there when you need them, regardless of the external factors.

*Name changed, just in case he falls back in to good favor. You never know about these things. Also, no body asked for me to put their story on the internet. It wouldn’t be fair to name them publicly.

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