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Well, maybe it’s not all that dramatic. But, there is a big change coming. The Pirate has taken a job in the Lone Star State. We found out 2 days ago that in 3 weeks he needs to be moved in and reporting to work.

Since I learned of his new opportunity three things keep going through my mind; 1. George Straight’s Amarillo By Morning and 2. I’m so happy that he found a job and 3. I’m really sad.

I’m happy that after years of looking for work and hoping for the feeling of usefulness that he used to have to return, he will have the security of a regular paycheck and health insurance. (The insurance is a BIG deal as he is not as healthy as he once was.) At the same time, I’m so sad. I liked him being close to us, both physically and emotionally. I like him being close to the Princess. I like knowing that I can get to him if something happens.

My feelings of sadness are completely selfish. I do wish him well. And, I know that we are closer now than we were when he lived in California for all of those years. So, I feel like it will be different.

Also selfishly, I just lost my storage place. I was keeping lots of stuff at the house of the Pirate. And, now it all needs a home…

But, mostly, I’m just going to miss my dad.

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So, that new job is really taking a toll on me. Not that I’m digging ditches or doing anything physical, but the hours are long and I have to think *a lot*. It must be the thinking that is making me so tired. (read: tired=cranky, lazy and unmotivated when I get home) How unfair to the princess that I feel this way. Even more unfair that I can’t seem to find a balance and shake it off. I can’t seem to catch up.

Which brings us to moving. I’m moving. I’ve decided. I’m moving in with NBF. Yep, I’ve decided. (The truth is that I can’t afford to not move, so that was a big motivating factor. But, still I’m moving in with a boy and trusting him and stuff.) The decision is not without drawbacks. I will most definitely miss being 1.25 minutes from MFH. We really enjoyed the proximity. I will miss the babysitter living downstairs. I will miss the ability to be a bit unorganized because I am surrounded by people who love me enough to pick up the slack that also have a ton of time on their hands.

This also means that the princess changes schools. This a most scary thought for me. Also, she has on more than one occasion expressed her displeasure with the situation.

Conversly, she has also expressed her joy with the situation. And, there are some lovely changes that this brings that will make me happy and my life easier.

In the end, I suppose its a crap shoot. I am putting it in the hands of the Almighty and packing.

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I’ve never been the kind of person that really cared deeply about the kind of car that I drive.  Getting from point A to point B has always been my primary motivator.  This year has kind of changed that perspective.  I, for the first time ever, have really firm opinions about what I want in a car.  And, it’s not a car that I want.

I’ve been given the opportunity to drive a few vehicles in the Chevrolet line up and they were all pretty fantastic.  As I was driving the Traverse, the Volt or the GMC Acadia I continually reminded myself that a portion of the euphoria was the “new” factor.  The car was clean, there were no french fries on the floor, and no stains from spills in the seats.  That in and of itself was awesome.  I guess I took for granted all of the features that I truly enjoy.

I didn’t even notice what is important to me until we had to rent a vehicle to take the Fairytale Family on a 15 hour road trip for Christmas.  Now, those who know the Fairytale Family know that we take road trips.  We have a plan and a system that works for us and the children ride along relatively well, all 4 of them.  (That was relatively well, they are still kids after all.)  But, the vehicle we used for Christmas was AWFUL for us.  It was a 7 passenger American Made SUV-ish thing that was miserable to drive.

Logistically speaking, there was no room in this car.  Not in the front seat, not in the back and certainly not in the “cargo” area.  And, I use the work “cargo” here very loosely.  There was about 11 inches from the back of the rear seat to the door of the rear gate.  The leg room in any row of seating was missing and there weren’t nearly enough cup holders.  (Cup holders are a very big deal in American made cars – not so much foreign ones.)  The Chevrolet Traverse and the GMC Acadia both had room in the back (not tons, but certainly room for a short trip like this one).  And, the leg room in both of the afore mentioned vehicles was AWESOME.

Now, I had never given one thought to an instrument panel until last week.  But, driving the rental was awful.  Where Chevrolet provides an intuitive easy to see display this other car maker did exactly the opposite.  The only thing I could easily read while driving (without moving the steering wheel or looking around the wheel) was the tachometer.  And, I don’t even really know what that does, so I don’t want to be reading it.

Needless to say, I have no real reason to be loyal to a brand when I’ve just recently started caring about car features, but I think when the Fairytale Family looks to buy a new car, I’m looking at Chevy.

For the record, I was not asked by Chevy to write this post, I was not given anything, and I will not receive any other compensation.  I was simply so angry at the other car company that I thought I would express my appreciation for a company getting it right.

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Finding something to occupy little hands while I try to cross some items off of my to-do list has been getting more and more difficult. The list seems to grow longer and longer as Christmas approaches. I wish that there were at least 2 of me, one to get things done and one to play with the Princess. I don’t know what upsets me more; the fact that I don’t seem to be gaining ground or that I can’t find anything that will occupy her time.

Now that Christmas break is upon us, I have even more of her time to occupy. She wants so badly to be helpful, and I do love it when she tries. But, sometimes, little hands don’t necessarily make jobs any easier. So, I’ve got to say a big thank you to My Blog Spark and Crayola for sending a box of fun to occupy her time.

While I have packing and wrapping and cleaning and baking to tend to, the Princess has found entertainment to last a few hours at least. The Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio has been so much fun to play with for both of us. My favorite part is that there is no mess. I can let her color wherever she wants and I don’t have to worry about marker getting all over the place.

Crayola and My Blog Spark also sent a 3-D Glow Station, and Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots but I’ve kept those in hiding, for a surprise later. I’m sure that she’ll love them just as much when she gets to see those new things. I’m hoping that in the last days before Christmas, it might give me a few moments to finish that nagging list..

Not only did Crayola send get gifts of imagination to my house, they are offering up one to you as well. My Blog Spark is helping to give the products away along with Crayola. Enter now through December 28, 2010 for a prize pack.