Fairy Tale Mom
Change, a long time coming

When I was forced encouraged to start using social media, my bio was easy to write. I lived with a pirate, a fairy and the princess, so Fairy Tale Land was easily created. I haven’t lived in Fairy Tale Land in a few years. I’ve tried to update my bio, but I can’t find words that suit my name and my location at the same time.

I refuse to use any words about princes of any sort, let alone charming. I still have the princess and our loyal steed, er dog. I just can’t see the new kingdom as a Fairy Tale. Maybe that’s more telling than I initially considered.

So, I struggle to find the words. Maybe you can help? Let’s rewrite my bio

2 Responses to “Change, a long time coming”

  1. Oh fairy tales… they are both a blessing and a curse. A portal to imagination and wonderment… that also sets standards and expectations. Reasonable on all accounts? Maybe… maybe not. Hard to say.

    So your bio… Life isn’t a fairy tale… it’s what you make of it. Focus on the things that never change. The princesses and loyal steeds. The love that exists between noblemen and women of all kinds- friends, coworkers, even strangers. The desire to spread all the things fairy tales represent- hope, imagination and love- across the entire land, not just among one small- or large- castle, prince or crown. Maybe it’s time not to redefine you, my dear, but what a fairy tale is. xoox