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Your Eyeliner Costs How Much?

In my quest for perfect beauty products, I was spending my lunch hour with my most recent fashion magazine. While I realize it will never be “perfect”, I’m super happy to try new products and read about what Drew Barrymore is using on her face. (Even though I totally know its photoshop and airbrushing creating that glow.)

I love reading this stuff. I love looking at clothes I can’t afford (and shouldn’t wear in most cases). Still, it makes me happy. I’m going to keep doing it, judge if you must.

Here’s my issue today: inside the cover of this wonderfully enjoyable magazine is a list of what the Editor in Chief keeps in her makeup bag.. Even without the $88 fragrance, it’s 9 products at $300! Maybe I’m the crazy one, but that seems like way too much to pay for an eyeliner ($22).

Now, I’ve recently chosen a foundation that is a bit out of my comfort zone at $30. But, even with that luxury item, may daily routine products are $91. That includes moisturizer and cleanser. From making my face clean to covering it all back up, with 9 products, my total is 1/3 of hers. Maybe that’s in part due to geography. In her job in the industry there is a greater expectation than of me in the Midwest. But, can a $30 mascara work THAT much differently than my $6 version?

I could have this all wrong. Maybe those luxury purchases make all the difference in the world. My budget tells me that I’m going to have to figure it out for the Midwest price.

If you were curious, I’m reading Lucky today. It’s one of my favorites. While her makeup bag is outside of my price range, the magazine is a perfect lunch time treat for me.

4 Responses to “Your Eyeliner Costs How Much?”

  1. A calorie free lunch!

  2. A drug store up hear sells sampler packs. I always get the perfume samplers but not that long ago I got a mascara pack for $40. It had 5 high-end mascara samples and a coupon for a full-sized version of your choosing. I love it because it lets you try them all (and, hello, baby mascaras are perfect for traveling) and choose your favorite. You know what? I didn’t like any of them. I would definitely not pay $40 for something that doesn’t outshine the $10 equivalent. Lame!

    Another story (because I’m hijacking your blog, apparently)… at my blogging prime (I use that word loosely) I got a promo of some skin serum. I finally got around to using it (because I’m cool like that) and I loved it! Decided to google it and ya… that one month supply? $300!!!

    I don’t think movie stars are any prettier than us… I think they can afford to look better. Literally.