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12 Things to Make Me Write and 10 Fake Titles

Faithfully posting to this site has not exactly been a strong suit of mine. So, this week when I saw Writer’s Digest tweet out a link to 12 writing prompts, I was intrigued. I decided that I would use those prompts to begin again here.

The first prompt is to write 10 titles for books that I wish to write. Although I don’t know if I ever intend to write a book, it may be fun to make up titles anyway.

1. Things Better Left Unsaid

2. Keeping Up With Myself

3. Quit Wearing That

4. Unreasonably High Heels

5. Why I Didn’t Call

6. Margaritas and Other Fine Things (A recipe collection)

7. Put Down My Drink; It’s not for kids

8. Directions to Fairy Tale Land

9. Spending the Night

10. Equal Parts Awesome and Drunkity


I suppose a title needs a synopsis or a description. But, that wasn’t part of today’s assignment. The content of my imaginary books will just live in your imagination and a little bit in mine.

I wonder what you would title your imaginary book?

Books behind the bed

Books behind the bed (Photo credit: zimpenfish)

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  1. those sound like great prompts for nanowrimo!