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My Glass is Half Empty
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Here’s the thing, My glass is half empty, but it will be alright. I already bought a second bottle of wine. I also have on hand the kind that you drink and lemonade if you’re a teetotaler. Some people would say that the person who sees the glass has half empty is a pessimist. I see it as a way to plan ahead.

When NBF told me that I was being too negative I really took it hard. I thought I’d been working hard to make sure that everybody had everything they needed. I was nearly killing myself keeping up with the hectic schedules. How dare he be so ungrateful?

Then, I listened to a similar perspective from some great friends, my best friend and a good friend, and I realized I may be a bit more of a realist than some of the people around me. I plan for everything. I get panicky if I walk in to a situation that is unfamiliar. I really don’t like to not be in control. I do like to be the go to person for answers.

So, I may over anlyze what needs to happen. And, I may doubt that everyone

Champagne glass

Champagne glass (Photo credit: Adam Mulligan)

else will come prepared to the picnic. But, I’ve learned to enjoy all of the extra preparation that I put in to everything. You may say my glass is half empty, but I say there’s just room for more wine. And I’ve got it breathing on the counter already.

So, which are you, half empty or half full?

One Response to “My Glass is Half Empty”

  1. I, too, am a glass-half-empty kind of girl. I’d like to think I’ve made improvements but, try as I may, I have a hard time seeing the best in things. I don’t know if it’s a defense mechanism (can’t be disappointed if you don’t ever expect anything good to happen) or the way I was raised… I hope it’s not *too* noticeable to others, but I know it affects the relationships I have.. and especially the ones I used to have (oops). Love it or leave it, it’s part of who I am. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time lately… have a glass (or bottle) of wine for me! xoox