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Mamavation Monday; The one with all the carbs
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Once upon a time I went to training in a far away land in a neighboring state. I learned many new things about my job counting the money. It was good training. It was effective training. I’ll even go so far as to say it was necessary. Despite the 14 hour days (not at all an exaggeration) and the tight schedule, I benefitted greatly from my week away.

Except for the menu.

When you pull 29 of my peers out of our regular work locations and keep us for long hours, it is appropriate to feed us. And, they did. Carbs. LOTS OF CARBS. At one point in the week I went and bought an apple just so I could remember fresh produce. (it was not easy to find either.) I’m not complaining about the food mind you. It was all well made (for mass produced food). And, it served the purpose.

But, wow. A week worth of a mostly carb diet does not do good things to the body. I feel sluggish. I feel like I ate carbs for a week straight. – Oh yea. I did.

Needless to say there is no weight loss this week. And, my jeans are a little tight. I guess that means this week needs to be full of fruits and veggies and I’ll lay off the bread for a while. I healthy walk this evening also felt really nice.

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