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Friendaversary; True Story

This is a story about how, for a long time, I did this all wrong. I focused all of my energy on work and the princess and that is all. I didn’t take any time for me. I lost contact with all of my friends. (This could be a result of the post partum depression, but who knows at this point.) Regardless, I wasn’t exactly happy with the way things were going for me.

I still did my job as mommy. I drove the princess to dance class, I took the snacks to school functions and we went to the zoo, all like we were supposed to. But, I was completely empty as I did it. I was bored and depressed and lacking.

Sure, I had a few acquaintances. I would connect with them at the appropriate functions. I spoke to the other moms at the daycare drop off and pick up. I took the time to make sure the dance teachers knew my name. And, I spoke to the girl scout leaders – sometimes.

Well, I started talking more and more to one person in particular and it turned out we had a lot in common. Except, it’s really hard to make friends as adults. So, we weren’t friends. We were acquaintences. I knew her. She knew me. And, most of the time I remembered her name.

Then, we wound up in the same carpool to a field trip. (I drove – how scarry is that?) We went to the zoo. We talked about a book that we both read (and re-read a few more times).

Then, we went to a dance class. It was fun for me, because I like to dance. And, I was so eager to connect with other grown ups. Now, this dance class was in a church. And, I was on a serious search for God. So, it was a huge bonus for me.

I was still unsure of how to deal with the person that invited me. We were on our way to a CHURCH, could I still use “colorful” language? Would she judge me when she found out what a horrible mother I am? I won’t lie – I was nervous.

But, it turns out that MFH embraced all of my flaws and faults – and we became friends. A few years ago today.

And, my friends, *THAT* is a TRUE STORY.

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