Fairy Tale Mom
Oh, so very, very bad

Ok, so I only worked out a few times this week. (That includes death by Zumba with MFH on Thursday.) I still was really good about drinking water and not much soda. But, I was in training classes at work and it was hard to keep on track.

You see, there isn’t much food you can take with you when you aren’t sure of the facilities or amenities available for storage or reheating. But, I did manage to eat salads most days, and still yogurt for breakfast.

But, my biggest confession is that this weekend I was really not good. With a 6 hour dance competition on Saturday and a very hectic day on Sunday, I ate what was available – that was pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m back on track. Being on #teamheather is helping so much so I feel awful for letting her down this weekend.