Fairy Tale Mom

MFH has introduced me to many things in the last few years. I started blogging, and utilizing social media. I started paying much more attention to my need to be more than a mom. I’ve traveled with her to Chicago and New York, making new friends on the way. She introduced me to some great books. And, now she’s brought me along on a journey that I have so badly wanted to take for years.

You see, I have a weight problem. I never thought that I was hiding it, after all, you aren’t blind. However, I wasn’t admitting that I had an issue to myself. I pretended that losing the weight and changing habits would be easy. Well, it hasn’t been easy. Actually, it hasn’t happened at all.

Until, MFH submitted her application to the mamavation campaign. I know that I am very supportive of my friends when they have a goal, so I agreed to join her in her quest. I’ve mostly given up Diet Coke. I used to drink at least 4 cans a day, it was hard to give up. Now, I drink TONS of water. And, today, I realized that my pants are falling down.

Now, I’m not quite good enough to get in all of the hazing work outs every day, but I’m trying to get most of them in. I think it’s making a difference. Mostly, the difference is that I care to make a change.

I’m tired of feeling horrible, and I want a really cute little black dress.

I’ve tried everything else, but I’m banking on MFH and the mamavation team.