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New Job, Less Time

In case I’ve not made this public before, I really didn’t like my old job. I dreaded going every day and desperately wanted out. Now, you would think that I spent hours and hours looking for a new job and applying for positions. Yet, I didn’t.

But, prayer was successful and a new job found me. I’ve been with the new company (another financial institution with a big name) for just a few weeks and am really so much happier.

The environment is better, the systems are better and I’m enjoying the structure and ability to easily access information. The only downside is that while I am in training, I’m driving far away. So, the Princess gets a happier Mommy at home, but still sees less of mommy as I’m always in the car.

I can’t help but be thankful though. I’m being given a great opportunity to learn and grow. So, I’ll take the temporary inconvenience in exchange for the long term gain. I’ll just be really tired in the meantime.

One Response to “New Job, Less Time”

  1. I’m sure the Princess much prefers having a happy mom for less time than an unhappy Queen of the Castle for longer. Glad to hear the commute is only while you’re training. Even more glad to hear things are going so well, you deserve it!