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Things I Know for Sure
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Today I was thinking on things that I know for sure. I’m trying, still, to make a difficult decision. There are so many sides to consider and I was trying to wrap my head around the details of the decision so that I could move forward.

It turns out, unlike the Media Mogul Oprah, I don’t know much for sure. I know that I love the Princess beyond measure. I know that I’m fiercely loyal to those that I hold dear. And, I know that caffeine is a driving force in my life.

I’m unsure of so many things. How do I make long term decisions if I continue to question so very many important things in my life?

My primary question today is: Whose happiness is most important? And, what if my happiness causes pain to someone else?

This decision is really weighing me down and preventing me from moving forward or in any direction really. I’m losing so much no matter which way I choose…

So, the question really is this: How do you choose the path to follow when both look equally ominous? Really, How do YOU choose?

I need help.

Daily Prayer:
Dear God, Today I am confused and troubled and burdoned with worry. While I trust you to guide me toward the right choices, I find myself listening harder and harder for your voice to speak to me. Please continue to guide me and be with those that I love as we make choices today. Help us to live the life you have designed for us. Amen.

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One Response to “Things I Know for Sure”

  1. oh no…. I’m so sorry I came late to the party and wasn’t here to answer this question when it was originally asked. Truth be known, I don’t know the answer. And I’m horrible at making decisions, especially when they’re particularly difficult and/or life changing. I think the important thing is that once a decision is made to not look back or question it. As for whose happiness is more important I tend to think that if someone loves you they truly want you to be happy and your happiness, in turn, makes them happy.