Fairy Tale Mom

No. Really, I just quit my job. It is a pretty amazing feeling to leave a job that you don’t really like in the first place. But, it’s a little sad too. I’ve worked with some of those people for 6 years. I know them well.

I met great people in that job. And, I learned a great deal about finance and banking (like all of it, as I knew nothing going into it). But, it was time to go.

After the bank I worked for, and enjoyed for 4 years, got bought by the new company, things just weren’t the same. I knew that I wanted to find something new nearly right away, but I waited. And, as I waited NBF and the fairy and the pirate all found themselves without jobs.

While there was such uncertainty in Fairytale Land, I decided to hold off on my own job search. It felt necessary as I helped with the job searches of those around me, I was too distracted to look on my own. The time came, though, when I just couldn’t ignore an opportunity in front of me.

A colleague of mine, who I never had a great relationship with, told me that she was offered a job with a competitor and passed my name on to the recruiter.

After a 2 month long interview process, I was offered a position with a little bit of a pay increase and a substantial incentive plan.

I am thankful for the opportunity and grateful that someone thought enough of my work ethic to recommend me.