Fairy Tale Mom
Checking in with my 40×40 and other Lost Projects

Tonight I realized a few things:
1. I am the worst Girl Scout Treasurer ever
2. I always miss my kid after bed time, even though I’m really excited to put her to bed at night.
3. I need to go to the gym that I joined.
4. I’ve made little progress on my 40×40 list
5. I need a 5 year plan.

It is that last one that has me the most freaked out. I mean, I don’t like where I am financially, physically or spiritually and I have no plans in place to make any changes.

I wrote a whole list, my 40×40, so that I could make plans and I never make plans to complete the list. So, this week I am planning 2 things to complete. I won’t complete them this week, but I will make the plan. I will budget the time and resources necessary.

I will need some serious budget rehab to plan any overseas travel, so that will have to wait until some other major decisions get made in fairytale land this week.

But, I’m sure that I can find 2, just TWO, items that I can complete in the near future.

I’ll keep you posted…