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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?
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As this year draws to a close, I don’t know if I’m really sad to see it go. This year was a tough one in Fairytale Land. We faced job loss and job struggles, money concerns, and all the uncertainty that we can handle. So as this year ends, I say good riddance.

But, several great things happened in 2010 as well. I met new friends in far away places. I learned a new skill (knitting counts). I gained confidence in some abilities I haven’t used in a while. And, a friend believed in me enough to help me achieve a childhood dream. And, the travel.. I went to the beach and to the mountains and to the plains. All in all, I suppose I had a good year despite some unlikely circumstances.

So, as I go into the New Year, I want to make sure that I am better prepared to tackle the things in life that just tend to come up and also be better able to live in the moment of the many blessings that come my way.

So, as I make my list for 2011, I’m going to include some sort of financial plan, one item to better myself physically, one item to deepen relationships with friends, one item to be a better parent and one completely selfish gift to myself. Now, I’ll spend all day working on the list and another week editing it, but I will go into this year with a better plan than I had last year.

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